About Us

The Continuing Education Centre for Emergency Services was established on 24 Jun 2016 as a non-profit society in Alberta.


To advance education within emergency services.


To create an affordable and accessible community knowledge base that supports and educates practitioners and grows professions within Emergency Services.


To provide a comprehensive education site that is innovative, dynamic and supports the wholistic development of the practitioner.

Core Values

  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Integrity


  • Provide Free Online Content supporting free and open access Education.
  • Support other Creative Commons and free material.
  • Link users with third party benefits.
  • Provide cutting edge education and discussion surrounding changes in organizational processes.
  • Develop relationships with other educators and promote free and open access education.

Members of the Board

  • Jason Richmond - Chairperson
  • Sandra Marini - Vice Chairperson, Development Manager
  • Emma James - Treasurer, Secretary, Internal Affairs Manager
  • Heather Burton - External Affairs Manager
  • Radu Venter - Testing Coordinator
  • Brandon Burns - IT & Support Coordinator
  • Megan Holfeld - EMS Education Coordinator
  • Jason Coveney - Fire Education Coordinator
  • Amanda Reyner - General Member of the Board



  • Society Bylaws
  • Meetings Minutes available upon request. Email support@ceces.ca