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    Product description of the dust collector rotary filter cartridge
    High precision, high efficiency, low resistance filter material
    The rotary lock is pressed tightly and the sealing is good
    The technology of the filter material of science, make the filter material do not friction with the metal net
    The metal part is electrogalvanizing material, optional stainless steel
    Wide fold design, meet the demand of the wind volume
    The deep filtration effect is good, easy to clean ash
    Elastic rubber seal
    Cooperate with special top cover mounting
    Specification of the dust collector rotary filter cartridge
    Industrial application of the dust collector rotary filter cartridge
    Air and air intake filtration equipment
    Dust removal and recovery equipment
    Appropriate and applicable occasions
    The inlet and intake filtration of gas turbine, oxygen air separation equipment, air supply air supply system, blower, compressor,Pigment, plastic, tire, steel plate pretreatment, fly ash, ceramics, refining, rubber and other dust occasions.
    Selection of filter material
    80% wood pulp fiber + 20% polyester synthetic filter material
    100% wood pulp fiber
    Nanometer filter
    Flame retardant fabric
    100% polyester polyester
    100% yarn spun polyester
    Polyester filter material can be made post-processing: PTFE coated, antistatic, oil proof and waterproof, flame retardant.filters price