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    Hygiene Disposable Plastic Film Rolls Wrap | Toilet Seat Paper Cover NR100
    Hygiene Disposable Plastic Film Rolls Wrap | Toilet Seat Paper Cover NR100
    – Operation Theory:
    One time use plastic film roll brings visible clean and health. It is made of food grade HDPE plastic, which has been certified by Xiamen Center for Healthy Inspection and Testing.
    Once press the button or put hand before the sensor, the sanitary wrap will stop after turning exactly one round, and the used film will be destroyed by a cutter to ensure one time use. Provide a new toilet seat for every usage.
    – Compare With Disposable Paper Cover, Why Choose Sanitary Film
    Disadvantage of Disposable Toilet Paper
    1.Increase the labor cost and cleaner’s workload
    2.Over-use toilet paper, cause great waste of paper, even pipe jam
    3.The paper maybe move during using, cannot thorough avoid direct contact
    4.Couldn’t keep the toilet seat clean completely, still have some invisible contaminants
    Advantage of Sanitary Film
    1.Eliminate bacterial infections
    2.Decreased maintenance expenses
    3.Recycle HDPE material, Eco-friendly
    4.Guarantee the optimum hygiene conditions
    5.One time use film roll brings visible clean and healthy
    6.Improve company reputation by showing care to customers
    It’s apparent that sanitary toilet film is much better than disposable toilet paper, long time benefit from one time investment. A visible clean and healthy of NAVISANI Hygienic Toilet Seat.

    – Feature
    • Easy Installation;
    • 60-65 Usage Per Roll;
    • Automatical Replacement;
    • HDPE Material, Clean and Safe;
    • Prevent Cross Infection & Accident Injury;
    • Suitable for NAVISANI NS100 Series Seat;

    – Installation of Sanitary Film Roller
    While installing the film rolls, please slide the film underneath the counter wheel, continue to pull the film across the seat, otherwise the film will move more than should.
    – Film Packing for NR100C1
    1.Each roll in independent packing
    2.25 rolls in a small carton (260*260*123mm / 25rolls G.W.: 3.7KG / N.W.: 3.5KG)
    3.200 rolls in a big carton (538*538*277mm / 200rolls G.W.: 31.5KG / N.W.: 28KG)Sanitary Film factory